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Coding. Drawing. Fun.

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React Native is Native: drawing customized background shapes with React Native Skia and React Native SVG
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Web to native code communication on iOS using WKScriptMessageHandler
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React Native: a simple architecture for Native Modules communication with your UIViewController on iOS
React Native: a simple architecture for Native Modules communication with your Activities and Fragments on Android
Rich iOS notifications with Notification Content App Extension
Eat Your Own Dog Food: distribute a beta version of your iOS app using Apple Enterprise Developer Program
React Native + Typescript, love at first sight. Setup in an existing app
Asynchronous testing in Swift
ID3TagEditor: a Swift framework to read and write ID3 tag of your mp3 files for macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS
The birth of ID3TagEditor and Mp3ID3Tagger and my journey into the ID3 tag standard
React Native: the power of RCTBundleURLProvider to build, run and debug on an iOS device from Xcode
Android Studio vs Xcode vs AppCode: a brief comparison about coding speed
SceneKit and physically based rendering
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React Native and Realm: custom manual link for an iOS app with custom directory structure
Model View Presenter on iOS: no more excuses, write your unit test
Swift Closure: demystifying @escaping and @autoclosure attributes
Swift Closure: definition and syntax