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My first experience as speaker at Voxxed Days 2018: a talk about React, React Native and Typescript
Blender tutorial: outliner, layers, groups, hierarchies and scenes.
Refactoring: a real case of a nested if structure transformed into a chain of responsibility
Rich iOS notifications with Notification Content App Extension
Blender tutorial: advanced modeling
Design thinking and Design sprint: embrace you creativity
Eat Your Own Dog Food: distribute a beta version of your iOS app using Apple Enterprise Developer Program
React Native + Typescript, love at first sight. Setup in an existing app.
Blender tutorial: introduction to basics of modeling - part 2
Asynchronous testing in Swift
Mp3ID3Tagger: a native macOS app to edit the ID3 tag of your mp3 files written using RxSwift and RxCocoa
ID3TagEditor: a Swift framework to read and write ID3 tag of your mp3 files for macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS
The birth of ID3TagEditor and Mp3ID3Tagger and my journey into the ID3 tag standard
Clean Code: data structures vs objects and the law of demeter
Blender tutorial: introduction to basics of modeling - part 1
Golden master testing aka Characterization test: a powerful tool to win your fight against legacy code
Code review: what it is and why it matters
Blender tutorial: selecting and transforming objects
React Native: the power of RCTBundleURLProvider to build, run and debug on an iOS device from Xcode
Blender tutorial: user interface
Android Studio vs Xcode vs AppCode: a brief comparison about coding speed
SceneKit and physically based rendering
React Native: use multiple RCTRootView instances in an existing iOS app
Physically based rendering: informal introduction
React Native and Realm: custom manual link for an iOS app with custom directory structure
Model View Presenter on Android: unit test for everything
Clean Code: meaningful names
How to calculate the reflection vector
Model View Presenter on iOS: no more excuses, write your unit test
Phong reflection model
A first approach to contract test
Swift Closure: demystifying @escaping and @autoclosure attributes
Swift Closure: what they are and syntax
A physically based scene with three.js
Gihub Pages and Jekyll: chicio coding birth
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